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Much like a successful sporting match begins with the proper formation, line-up, and plan of attack; a successful marketing initiative must begin with the proper strategy.  While "strategic" can unfortunately be amongst the most common of corporate buzz words, the value of proper strategy development and execution can never be understated.   

At Gallagher Marketing Agency we are proud of our ability to strip away many of the distractionary aspects of buzz-wordiness and work towards one objective:  Client Results.


We pride ourselves on truly understanding each client's industry, and their specific business.  We strive to clearly identify our client's goals and objectives from the onset of the client-agency relationship. From that point on, we will focus our attention on reaching those goals in the most effective and efficient manner possible. 

Our experience proudly ranges industries from beer to butt wipes, and from financial services to industrial manufacturing.  We have a limitless desire to learn about and understand the nuances which make so many different industries unique, and how businesses thrive within them.  



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Development and execution of business driving marketing platforms, from brand campaign development to social media strategy & management.

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Strategic domestic and  international business insights which result in streamlined partnership structures and typically dramatcially lower marketing spend across mediums.

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On-going management and execution which follows brand spend.  Continuously focused on maximizing each and every dollar spent, and leveraging every asset associated with a spend.

A collection of the clients we've been proud to serve:

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